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Fashion Inspiration From EMILY IN PARIS

  Here at Millennial Gals……  We Love Drama, Romance and Fashion and the latest and most exciting addition to this is the new Netflix show   EMILY IN PARIS.



“I’m not a complicated girl; she laughed, I just want to run away with you, rob a bank, fall in love, and eat ice creams in Paris.”

Michael Faudet


I was inspired by Emily Cooper. Her outfits are such eye candy and she's dripping Chanel!                   But of course, we gals don’t have dripping Chanel like hers or the dripping money. Her taste is very bold with lots of bright colors, pea coat, layers, and stylish boots.

Today let’s talk about all the outfits from Emily in Paris, we would love to own in our closets and ways to find alternatives. So let's start with Emily's first outfit when she arrived in Paris at work. It's a very midwestern outfit, two flannels (red and black) topped on, dark denim skinny jeans, an inner white top, and white sneakers. This outfit can be easily thrifted and made our own with a chic brown backpack.


The 2nd outfit is her first fit to work, shes wearing a polo shirt with a leather printed skirt and her gorgeous but on your nose Louboutin boots and her Aldo handbag, though we love the outfit but to make it more practical and everyday fit, we can pair a white polo (satin/silk) with a gorgeous leather skirt (solid/printed) and skin printed boots (easily available on Amazon) and a chic handbag.

Outfit No 3, is one of the most accessible and easy to carry outfits on the show. This is the yellow co-ords set with black details, black Louboutin strappy heels, and a yellow printed tote, Emily is wearing to work. This same look can also be achieved with a close to similar-looking yellow maxi dress topped up with a black belt, a pair of classy black strappy heels. It can be a trick to find the yellow printed tote instead a simple yellow tote bag can be used. There always DIY for our rescue.


Fit NO 4, is Emily’s O SO CHIC, gingham print co-ord set, the jacket and shorts paired with black block heels, a beautiful red beret and a black crossbody. This look could both b easy and tough to archive as finding good gingham print thrifting can be a challenge but the look can be achieved with a similar-looking co-ord available online, and the beret is cherry on top.


The last and one my favorite fits from Emily is her gorgeous black tulle gown. The tulle in the dress reminds me of carry Bradshaw and her finale outfit from Paris. Topped with gold jewelry a funky bag and BOLD RED LIPS.



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